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Cat Tattoos

When people are looking for an elegant and interesting tattoo design they often turn to cat tattoos for inspiration. The cat is a very attractive animal and renowned for its intelligence. Being one of the most common mammals to occupy a household they're among the most admired of all animal species for their qualities of compassion, companionship, affection and playfulness.

When they want something they never give up trying to get it, they appreciate the little things in life and for the few things we do for them they actually express their gratitude either with their thoughtful gaze or their loving purr. Wearing a cat tattoo can give people the desirable impression that you're spiritualistic, a thinker and good natured. However, like most other tattoos, cat tattoos are fun and interesting and can have a variety of meanings for the person wearing one.

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All over the world people have very similar ideas about cats, they like to socialize with humans and they're very intelligent. There are stories about cat's having warned their owners of danger such as home invaders, fires and earthquakes. Cats have even been known to fiercely protect people from attack. Because of the admiration of these characteristics and potentials of the cat, many people choose cat tattoos.

Cat tattoos are also a popular choice to represent a persons love and appreciation of animals because of the cats ability symbolize both the innocence of the herbivores of the animal kingdom and the prowess of the predators. For all the beauty that animals provide the world some people feel it reason enough to have a cat tattoo to represent them.

Cat tattoos can also be used to express your sense of reasoning ability because many people think of the cat as one of the smartest animals in the world apart from the chimpanzee, the elephant and the dolphin. Although while not knowing exactly how intelligent the cat is, we all know there aren't many that can out match the cat in their agility and cunning.

cat tattoos The colors used for cat tattoos are usually contrasted well to make sure the image stands out enough. Such colors are often rich shades of brown, gray, orange and of course black. The size of cat tattoos can vary although some people like getting larger sized cat tattoos so the details are more noticeable. Larger tattoos like these are usually placed on the back or upper arm. Cat tattoos, like most other tattoos can be put anywhere on the body.

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